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Budget Balance Between Lead Generation and Branding

Budget Balance between Lead Gen and Branding

Budget Balance Between Lead Gen and Branding While there are many facets to the marketing function in an enterprise, our clients tend to invest in three main areas:  branding, lead or ‘demand’ generation, and technical infrastructure. The first two areas are apparent and must utilize the third. The technical infrastructure, or ‘marketing tech stack,’ includes …

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Positioning for the Digital Transformation

Re-Think Your Positioning for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a concept that has taken hold in all kinds of companies from Wall Street to Main Street.  The promise of technologies is great:  elastic cloud computing, AI/machine learning, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and Edge Computing enjoy great expectations from senior business leaders for their potential to transform the energy supply chain.

New tech for your marketing plan

How Marketing and PR Are Using New Tech

Technology of all varieties is only as good as the people who implement it, interpret it, and use it. There is a definite art to properly utilizing any data gathered, streamlining marketing automation, creating effective mass customer contact, and many more elements of marketing.

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