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Our mission

Marketing is a critical role in a technology business, and you should not have to educate your agency in your products or services. Advertas leverages digital marketing tools with deep experience in launching and marketing technology. We speak the language of technology – even to the point of supporting our clients in the design of new software. We blur the lines of what is “marketing” to give our clients the differentiation and competitiveness of market leaders.

Starts with a vision

Marketing Analytics - Start with a vision

Starts with a vision

We put 365 degrees of substance around that vision with more than the traditional analysis. We work the tough questions: What are the personas of key decision-makers and technical influences for your technology? What is the real size of the market if determined from the bottom-up by prospective customers? What are competitors offering?

Milestones and metrics

Milestones and metrics

Building on a well thought-out plan, we will work with you to develop project milestones and metrics that define progress and success.
Whatever the project – a new website, CRM, product launch, customer event, or all the above – specialized tools for planning and scheduling marketing projects will support our work and keep project on track!
Develop project milestones and metrics that define progress and success

Schedules roadmap

Plan your next marketing campaign

Schedules roadmap

Business cannot wait and the time domain matters. We will work with you to understand and capture your time requirements for the next marketing campaign or product launch. We use structured scheduling tools to identify key milestones and the critical path to the objective.

Clients across the energy industry

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Want to join the team?

Our team is a mix of strategists, writers, designers, developers, introverts, extroverts, but we’re all brought together by a love for digital marketing. Our diversity makes us stronger, smarter, and, most importantly, more creative. We believe that the best teams are made up of different types of people who share a common goal.

Rocky Roden

The UX design work on 4.0 has been excellent.  I believe it is setting the framework on the future of our software and the basis for a machine learning platform for interpretation.  I look forward to the further development of Paradise 4.0 UX, which I think the industry will truly appreciate.


Van Wilson

Advertas has provided outstanding guidance to CDI in a variety of areas relating to the customer-facing sides of our business. We continue to rely on their team to help shape our go-to-market strategy as we expand our engineering practice and launch new products. Our business has taken on exciting new dimensions, growth, and direction as a result of their work.


Anthony George

We retained Advertas as our outsourced marketing function to handle the complete launch of the FuelTrax solution, including supporting marketing collateral and website. We’ve been impressed with their teams creativity, ability to manage to a budget, and degree of excellence in their work.


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