content marketing

Why Should I Hire A Marketing Agency?

Marketing managers of growing companies look at their team, see the gaps and recognize what they need help doing. However, there’s a delicate balance as you grow — bringing the right people on board to grow the business without out-spending cash flow. Looking into an agency can have several advantages.

New tech for your marketing plan

How Marketing and PR Are Using New Tech

Technology of all varieties is only as good as the people who implement it, interpret it, and use it. There is a definite art to properly utilizing any data gathered, streamlining marketing automation, creating effective mass customer contact, and many more elements of marketing.

A solid sales pipeline starts with a solid lead generation program

Lead Generation in 2019 – 5 Keys to Success

For any B2B company, a solid sales pipeline starts with a solid lead generation program. Advertas has been helping technology companies grow the quantity and quality of their leads for 15 years. Over that time, we’ve found that the lifeblood of a sustainable effort is the marketing database.

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