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With approximately 3.8 billion social media users globally, social media is no longer just applicable to consumer products.
Advertas focuses on leveraging social media platforms so that they are a crucial part of the account-based marketing program. Used correctly and persistently, social media marketing can increase brand awareness and engagement.

Social media marketing

Marketing Demand Generation Process

Drive Results with Social Media Marketing Services

Increase your social media presence, generate more followers and engagements, and drive new leads to your business. Whether it’s a one-off social media campaign or a complete messaging makeover, Advertas social media experts are here to help super-charge your social media marketing efforts.

Maximizing Your Social Media Presence

Decrease database bloat and avoid unsubscribes

Attract Your Audience

Social media is the voice of your company, an online extension of your business. If you aren’t posting on social media, you are essentially silencing yourself. By working with Advertas to create content that is valuable and engaging on a regular basis, you begin to gain visibility and get more eyes on your business.

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Engage Your Audience

Your interactions with your audience on social media are an important extension of your business. Advertas social media team is here to help guide you with the best ways to generate and create audience engagement and build relationships with your current and future customers.

Advertas can help you validate your data

Grow Your Audience

Your audience will begin to grow when you focus on attraction and engagement. Several platforms have algorithms – when you post valuable content often, and receive frequent engagement, platforms will showcase your content on their explore pages and more users’ feeds. With Advertas, you can grow your audience and engage with prospects via social media.

The Advertas Social Media Marketing Experience

Set Up Your Unique Social Media Plan

Your social media journey begins with a social media competitive analysis. Our social media experts meet you where you are in your social media marketing journey. We take a deep dive into where you currently stand and work to get you where you want to go.

Attracting Your Target Audience

With a plan in place, our social media team begins to put the wheels in motion. Generating new followers from your target audience, creating compelling and valuable content, enhancing and promoting your brand identity, and placing personalized, targeted ads where your audience is.

Nuturing Your Social Media Audience

With your social media plan in place and moving, the focus shifts to building relationships with your follower and further understanding their wants and needs. Social media posts become more thought leadership and relevant expertise focused to show you care about your audience and not just making a sale.

Convert Your Audience into Leads and Customers

Form fills, meetings, and ultimately adding new customers is the result of our social media strategy. Because they been provided valuable content along with a valuable offering, your new clients become spokespeople for your business, creating a cycle that continues to expand your audience and grow your business.

Analyzing and Adjusting Your Social Media Plan

As with every digital marketing effort we undertake, a large part of social medial marketing success comes from being able to see patterns emerging and react to that data. Our team closely monitors each and every post and ad campaign, analyzes the key performance metrics, and adjusts as necessary to enable your social media efforts to generate the ideal outcomes for you.

Mastering the Major Social Media Networks with Advertas Social Media Marketing Services



LinkedIn is king of the social platforms when it comes to B2B social media marketing. A large database of professionals along with demographic data not available on other platforms, LinkedIn is a must have part of your social media plan. Our LinkedIn experts are here to help.



The use of video ads has taken a huge leap forward, thanks in large part to YouTube. As a part of Google’s Ad network, YouTube is a great way to attract, nurture, and convert your target audience with video ads. Get started maximizing your ROI with our YouTube marketing services.



A relative newcomer to the social media landscape, Tik Tok is more than just crazy dances. Putting a face for your company and generating a fresh buzz for your business can be achieved with our Tik Tok marketing services.



Facebook has a massive audience, highly detailed targeting, and a wide array of ad types. That makes it a great place to start your social media marketing efforts. Our Facebook marketing services will help you get on the right path to Facebook success.



Seen mostly as a B2C platform, Instagram can be used successfully within a B2B social media marketing plan. Advertas commonly uses Instagram to attract and nurture new customers for our clients.



Twitter is one of the top 5 largest social media platforms in the world, and one that can be overlooked when it comes to B2B marketing. Twitter has many cost-effective marketing options, which makes it great for our clients with limited time and resources.

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