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Rank on Google’s first page with the right strategy and messaging. Utilize our bespoke SEO optimization service to help your prospects find you online.

SEO Agency that Drives Leads and Sales

Your business is unique, and a cookie-cutter SEO strategy won’t cut it if you want to generate new leads and sales. With our search engine optimization services, we analyze your needs, goals, and current SEO performance to create a unique plan to grow your business.
This unique SEO plan will help get your website into relevant search results on websites like Google, bringing more people looking for what you provide to your website. Our team does the heavy lifting, allowing you to reap the rewards without committing hours of your own time to SEO.
Search engine marketing (SEM) service

Our Search Engine Optimization Services

We develop custom search engine optimization plans and services for our clients using various techniques. We use the technique in our toolbox to help you claim priority spots and stand out from your competitors.

Keyword Strategy

The first step to success with search engine optimization is to ensure you can reach your target audience. That starts with keyword research – looking at search volume, competition, and cost per click of the keywords and phrases that mean the most to your business. We then place those keywords in the right places and amounts to rank highly for those terms.

On-Page SEO

How your website functions when a user is on it is essential to optimize your ranking on search engines. Our search engine optimization team takes the time to ensure your website loads quickly, is visually appealing, adjusts to whatever size screen it is viewed on, and has high-quality content on it.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is all the things that don’t happen directly on your website but still impact your rankings. This includes, but isn’t limited to, link building, social media, and local search engine optimization. Our team puts as much emphasis on off-page as we do on-page SEO to maximize your search engine reach.

Technical SEO

To rank highly on search engines like Google, your page needs to be fast, easy to read, understand, and use. Our technical search engine optimization services ensure that you rank highly in relevant searches and generate quality leads from website visitors.

Link Building

Getting trusted experts in your industry to link to your website is essential to getting your business in front of your target audience. Our search engine optimization agency creates new opportunities to build links with other industry experts, making you a trusted source of information in your space.

Local SEO

If you have a storefront or corporate office, local search engine optimization can be a great tool to help people find you. This involves optimizing business profiles, keeping contact information up to date, ranking for local keywords, and monitoring reviews to present your business as the leader you are.

Content Writing

Our search engine optimization services include supplying blogs, service or product pages, and long-form content for you. This content is based on your target keywords and your audience’s stage in your account-based marketing cycle.

The Advertas Agile SEO Methodology

Search engine optimization is a continuous process. You need a search engine optimization service that keeps track of your rankings, seeks new ways to improve, and keeps you ranking high and generating new leads. Our search engine optimization agency’s agile SEO service model will do just that. Learn more about our methodology below.


A good plan starts with a good foundation. Our SEO experts will look at your current situation to discover areas that can be improved and new opportunities.


After we analyze your target keywords, we put together a plan to maximize your on-page, off-page, and technical search engine optimization.


After we know where you currently rank, we work with you to determine what keywords to target and who is searching for those keywords.

Measure & Report

As the plan is executed, we track the results, impact on ranking, and leads. Your Advertas SEO team will keep you updated with our custom reporting dashboards and virtual meetings.


With the plan in place, we create and execute the plan to drive new leads and opportunities to your business.


Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, so we adjust your plan as search engines evolve to keep you ranking highly.

Why Search Engine Optimization is a Great Investment

Search engine optimization is one of the greatest investments you can make for your business. Search engine optimization creates real long-term value through your business website that will stay with you for the life of your business. There are 5 key reasons that you should invest in your SEO:

SEO Works

It may seem to simple, but it’s true. When you invest in SEO and raising your rankings, you’ll send more traffic to your website which can result in more leads and sales.

Increasing Importance to Small Business

Mobile searches are becoming more common than desktop searches, meaning more people are searching on the go. By investing in local SEO, you’re putting your business in front of people who are in purchasing mode.

Increased Credibility

Most web users skip the paid ads and go directly to the organic search results. Having a site that ranks highly builds trust and authority with customers before they even reach your website.

Staying Ahead of Your Competition

Rankings can change quickly. The more you invest in your SEO, the higher you can rank. This means you have the opportunity to surpass your competition or maintain your current spot at the top.

SEO is Here to Stay

With more power in user’s hands, online search only continues to grow and increase in popularity. To set your business up for long-term success, it’s important to start investing in SEO now.

What Results Can You Expect From Our SEO Agency?

While SEO can deliver fantastic results for your business, it’s our job to let you know that it is a long-term investment. If you’re patient and know what your goals are, in 6-12 months the partnership will be fruitful. Our goal is to deliver on your SEO goals by adjusting to the challenges and improving our strategies over time. There will be a lot of ups-and-downs along the way, but they all lead to information we can use to improve our strategy. If you can handle that, Advertas is the SEO agency for you.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

Creating a website that caters to each search engine at the same time, in the opinion of Advertas staff, would result in a page that potential clients would find hard to read and understand.

Secondly, the vast majority of your organic search traffic is going to come from Google so your time should be focused on optimizing for Google. When you prioritize optimizing for Google, you’ll cover the big basic rules that most search engines follow. We believe the amount of traffic you bring in from Google will more than cover the lost traffic from not optimizing for a search engine like Bing or Yahoo.

What affects your SEO ranking?

Many factors can affect your SEO ranking, including security, mobile friendliness, load speed, and the quality of the content on your website. We can categorize what affects SEO ranking into three broad categories: Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO. Click here to learn more about creating an SEO strategy that will help you climb the rankings.

Will blogging help my SEO?

Blogging is an effective way to boost your SEO rankings. Blogging regularly allows you to target more keywords, increase domain authority by creating high-quality backlinks, and show your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

When blogging, target keywords and topics that aren’t covered on your landing pages. Select a keyword you want to rank for and write a blog that answers a question or solves a problem your potential clients have. Search engines reward content that answers questions and provides value – and blogging is the perfect format for that type of content.

Is SEO better than paid advertising?

Both SEO and paid advertising (PPC) are important tools to being successful with your online marketing. While the goal of both SEO and PPC is to drive traffic to your website, they accomplish that goal in drastically different ways.

SEO can be viewed as a marathon, making PPC a sprint. SEO will build more trust with your audience than paid ads and help your search engine rankings. As a result, SEO should be the backbone of your traffic generating strategy.

PPC ads are a great supplement to your SEO strategy. A great example of how to use PPC is creating ads that target competitor’s keywords or branded keywords. It will be expensive, but it will put you in search engine results pages that you may not have been able to get on otherwise.

How long does SEO take?

Most search engine optimization agencies agree that it can take 3-6 months to see meaningful increases in ranking and traffic from your SEO strategy. This can be affected by where your website’s starting ranking and how much time you are able or willing to dedicate to optimizing your website for SEO purposes. If you are short on time or don’t know where to start, hiring an SEO agency can get you started on the right path.

Find out how we can team up with you to achieve your search engine optimization goals.

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