Effective B2B marketing depends on access to high-quality data on target accounts.

Struggling with disparate data sources and incomplete data?

Many online business intelligence services are available with reasonable accuracy, but Account-Based Marketing requires pinpoint accuracy and completeness to be effective. Even the major business intelligence services may group industry sectors differently than your market segmentation strategy.

Advertas specializes in integrating data on target accounts and decision-makers from multiple sources, including:

  • Merging and rationalizing data sources
  • Segmenting the data according to your marketing strategy
  • Enriching the data with information that you need to go to market
Marketing data for effective marketing campaigns

Integrate, enrich, and augment your contact database to produce more leads that are better qualified. Fine-tune your processes to improve aggregation, grow your available data, and give your marketing program a springboard for future campaigns — all the data you need for effective marketing campaigns in one easy-to-use platform. Access the right information at the right time to be confident in your decisions for marketing investments.

Data augmentation

Customer Data Integration Marketing Solution

Contact Discovery and Data Augmentation

Leverage enterprise-class solutions at any budget to build your contact database and extend your reach in email outreach and programmatic ads. Advertas start with a profile of prospective decision-makers and influencers (“personas”) and build your database with complete information, dramatically increasing marketing effectiveness in target accounts.

Data enrichment

Data Cleansing and Enrichment

Information flows into your CRM from various sources – tradeshows, web forms, online events, and email integration, to name a few. However, to make this information actionable, it needs consistency and completeness. Advertas enables you to leverage the full power of your data by filling in gaps and classifying each record according to attributes meaningful to your business, maximizing the continued ROI of marketing initiatives.

During our strategic data enrichment and verification process, Advertas will:

  • Verify the metadata with the client for the buying personas/decision-makers
  • Pull records for the target accounts from as many different sources for completeness
  • Clean and rationalize the integrated database to produce unique records with consistent fields
  • Enrich the database as needed for the campaign(s), determine error rates, and correct errors as practical
  • Load the database into the marketing automation/email distribution system and write content for outreach
Marketing Intent Data Enrichment Process

Lead and process integration

Marketing Demand Generation Process

Data Integration

Marketers spend up to 25% of their time manipulating data, and up to 50% of data can be lost from managing data from manual processes. Save your team’s talent for higher-value tasks and ensure the consistency and quality of data by directly integrating your disparate platforms. The Advertas team has deep experience in Javascript, REST API, and others to develop a custom solution that integrates your tech stack and optimizes your time and investment.


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Compliance guarantee

Compliance guarantee

Our marketing solutions comply with data regulations, such as GDPR, to ensure our clients’ lawfulness, fairness, transparency, integrity, and confidentiality. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is protected in all our work.
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